Thyme: Witches Herbs, Potions and Spells

                Thyme and Witch Magic
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Thyme is often used in witch spells to promote loyalty from those we love and
to gain favor and affection. It is believed if it is burned as incense it will purify
the home and if carried on your person it can protect you from harm.

Burn as an incense during a witch spell or use in charms or bags to hang in the
home for banishing and purification of the home. Bring into the home to attract
good health for all occupants. If placed under your pillow, it is believed your
dreams will be pleasant and you will have a good night's sleep.

Thyme is Lucky in Two Ways.
The witch magic created by thyme can bring peace of mind while sleeping and it
can protect you money. Thyme is also known as Common Thyme and Garden
Thyme.  Thyme is considered feminine, and is associated with the planet Mars
and the element of Fire.
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