Pine Needles: Witch Magic, Witch Spells & Herbs

    How Pine Needles Are Used in Witch Spells

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For many centuries pine trees have been called "the sweetest of woods." The
Druids referred to this large beautiful tree as one of the seven chieftain
trees. Its needles have been utilized in witch magic to cleanse and purify homes
and businesses.

Its needles were commonly mixed with equal parts of leaves of the cedar, long
known as the “tree of life”, and juniper leaves and burned to purify the home.

Pine cones and pine nuts were often carried in a witches magic pouch or amulet
to increase fertility. Pine amulets have long been thought to draw money and
therefore, it was believed that you will increase wealth and prosperity by
carrying it with you as you go about your daily activities.

Pine needles can be placed in a loosely woven bag and held under the facet to
dampen the needles. The wet bag of pine needles is brushed on the ground in a
circular manner to purify and sanctify an outdoor area or yard. The bag can also
be placed in the bath water to remove negativity.
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