Nutmeg: Witch Magic, Witch Spells and Potions


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Carry a magic witch pouch full of nutmeg with you for good luck, string with star anise and tonka beans for a potent necklace.  Also carry with you to ward of rheumatism, cold sores, neuralgia, boils and sties.   Put on a string (short enough so that it won’t strangle!) for a baby to aid in teething.  Include nutmeg in money & prosperity spells.   

Witch Magic & Nutmeg
To ensure fidelity, cut a nutmeg into four equal pieces, bury one part in the earth, throw one off a cliff into the air, burn one part and boil the last in water.  Drink a sip of the water and take this last piece of nutmeg with you everywhere, even when you sleep.  Carry with you to strengthen clairvoyant powers.  

Considered lucky for people that like to play games of chance – dice, lottery, bingo, cards etc.  Some people drill a hole in a nutmeg and fill the hole with liquid mercury then seal it with wax to bring in the winnings.  
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