Mugwart: Witches Herbs, Potions and Spells

       Mugwart: Witch Magic, Witch Spells & Herbs

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Mugwart is burned and inhaled for psychic abilities and also made into tea
to wash amulets and crystals to create magic and perform witch spells.

Used in witch magic during Middle Ages, it is still used today by witches
who are performing a witch spell. Mugwort's magical properties has
continued its use today. It is also used an ingredient for many japanese,
korean or chinese dishes.

The mugwort is a plant that grows in Europe, Asia, and British isles.
Other commonly used names for this herb include felon herb, naughty man,
chrysanthemum weed, old uncle henry, and wild wormwood.

Since it was used by sailors instead of tobacco or cannabis, it was also
known as sailor’s tobacco. The edible parts of this herb are its leaves and

Mugwart has long been considered a magical protective herb and utilized in
witch magic. It is believed to have strong magic against a witch and a
branch of it is believed to scare off the Devil and keep the home
protected. Hanging mugwort above the door was a protection against
lightning; best of all, putting it under the doorstep ensured that no
annoying person would come to your door.

It is believed if you place mugwort leaves in your shoes to gain strength
and tolerance during long walks or runs. If you place mugwort under your
pillow you may experience dreams that foretell you future. It is also
believed that if you carry mugwort in a bag or wear in an amulet you
cannot be harmed, poisoned or become ill and backaches can be prevented.

Here are its many uses in witch magic to increase health and ward off
Appetizer, anthelmintic, antispasmodic, antiseptic, digestive, cholagogue,
purgative, emmenagogue, diaphoretic, hemostatic
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