Lemon Balm: Witch Magic, Witch Spells & Herbs

                 Lemon Balm and Witch Magic
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Lemon balm has been used in witch spells to bring happiness and a sense of
balance to one’s life. A very old herb, lemon balm has been used to relieve a
stress-caused stomach ache and other pains and it is said to prevent depression.
Because of its pain relieving properties, lemon balm has long been used to help
with menstrual cramps.

Many have used lemon balm in witch magic to gain relaxation and it is especially
powerful for casting witch spells. It is said to bring happiness and balance back
into your life if used during a magic spell. The ancient Roman Pliny said that the
powers of lemon balm are so strong that if applied to a sword injury the blood
would dry and the wound would quickly heal.

It is also used in magic spells or carried in bags or worn in amulets to ensure
success. If you carry it with you as a daily practice, it is said to bring powerful
witch magic to help and protect you. Worn in a bag or amulet is said to ensure
that you also find love.

Warning! If taken internally, lemon balm may reduce the body’s production of
thyroid. We sell lemon balm as a genuine Curio only.
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