Chamomile: Witch Magic, Witch Spells & Herbs

                 Chamomile in Witch Magic
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Chamomile tea is a great relaxer and witches have been utilizing it for
centuries to bring a sense of  relaxation and well being for the person intended
to receive the benefits of the witch spell. As an herb witches use it to make
prosperity wishes come true. It attracts money and can be worn in an amulet.

It is also commonly used in witch magic to induce a sleep and to help one
meditate. Chamomile will help prepare the body and mind for doing witch magic
and has been used by witches themselves for this purpose.

Witch Spell Using Chamomile
Add to a bath or use to wash your face and hair to attract love. Bath in
chamomile tea to protect one from the evil eye. It is also useful in breaking
curses that may have been cast against you.

Chamomile is an herb that is an old favorite for divination and dreamwork. It
makes a nice addition to a dreampillow (together with other dream herbs like
passionflower, bay leaves, cinquefoil, yarrow, pot marigold, and mugwort), or try
combining it with other herbs for a dream tea. It's good for anointing scrying
mirrors, and you can also add it to a bath before bed to promote dreamwork and
to help prevent nightmares - or to attract love (it was a component in medieval
love potions).

Culpeper believed that the ancient Egyptians deemed this a Sun herb, and like a
Sun herb, it does encourage a general feeling of well being, but others consider
this a Moon herb because of its aid in dreamwork and sedating effects. One can
nevertheless see some Venus in its uses as a money attractant (some put a few
flowers in their wallet) or to bring money luck (washing ones hands in chamomile
water before gambling). It is one of the nine sacred Anglo-Saxon herbs. In the
Middle Ages it was a strewing herb, and some nowadays still sprinkle it around
the house to keep out negative magic. Its scent is said to help bring
understanding in confusion
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