Basil: Witch Magic, Witch Spells & Herbs

         Basil and Its Uses in Witch Magic

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Basil is a sacred herb used for in witches spells to bring peace and happiness at
home.  The scent of fresh basil is said to cause sympathy to form between two
people. It is used to sooth tempers and to burn love incense. Basil is said to
ensure that a loved one does not stray but remains true to the relationship.

If basil is carried with you (such as in an bag) it is said to attract customers to
your business.

Some have used Basil secretly to influence outcomes, especially in witch magic
spells. It was common in witch spells to sprinkle basil over one's mate as they
slept to ensure loyalty. Others have placed twigs of basil beneath a dinner plate
to prevent one from over eating.

Witches Spell Using Basil
For love divination during a witches spell place 2 twigs of bay upon hot coals in a
fireplace or campfire. If they stay where you placed them and they burn quickly
to ashes the relationship will be harmonious and long lasting. If there is a
certain amount of crackling, the relationship will be disturbed by arguments. If
there is a fierce crackling and popping the relationship between the two people
will be poor.

Basil is used to protect the home from evil.  Basil is known as Albahaca,
American Dittany, 'Our Herb', St. Joseph's Wort, Sweet Basil, and the
Witches Herb.  Basil is considered masculine, associated with the Planet Mars
and the element of Fire. An herb for money and success, a happy family, and a
peaceful home, it drives away the Evil Eye.
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