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         Allspice and Its Use in Witch Magic

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Allspice is a wonderful spice that has been traditionally used in witch magic. It
is believed to have powerful properties that draws money to a person and to
bring  business success. It has also been used in witch magic to relieve mental
tension and create a sense of peace and quiet.

Allspice is considered masculine, and is associated with the planet Mars and the
element of Fire. It is thought that Fire is where allspice gains its strength to
provide you with protection, build your courage, and help you make positive
changes. It can also help increase ones determination to complete a goal.

Allspice is frequently burned as an incense to attract wealth and success or
good luck in future prospects. Many consider its property of bringing good
health as one of its most important benefits. It is also used in witch magic when
combined with other herbs to strengthen effects.
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