Witches Herbs, Potions and Spells

Throughout the centuries witches have used what they considered magic
herbs for their powerful healing properties. They have been used in
amulets to wear and burned as incense to heal the sick, ward off evil and
to help the user to gain prosperity. As today, many are called spices and
added to food.

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In ancient times, when a specific herb such as Rosemary or Juniper berry
was added to food it was done for the magic healing or protective goal in
mind and not as a spice for flavor. Many magic herbs, leaves and flowers
are believed to have healing powers, but they also have been used in witch
spells as a method of purification or protection from a suspected negative
force. This is why they are especially used by in witch magic when one
seeks to evoke protective powers.

The use of plants in witch magic to improve health, wealth and happiness
dates back to the beginning of mankind. From that moment on, plants
became an instrument of power, since those primitive human beings
regarded plants not only as a powerful source of nutrition, but also as an
excellent remedy for the ills of the body and soul.

For that very reason, man has attributed a sacred link to plants. This
link persists today because, as well as their use as elements of magic,
many plants are still used in religious ceremonies and funeral rites in
almost every corner of the world.

There is almost no site on earth where plants have not been used
experimentally in the history of mankind where the opportunity arose.
Medical herbalists of Babylonia, Assyria, Sumer and Egypt were
thoroughly convinced that their practice was created by the Gods, who
had instructed men on the healing properties of water, herbs, plants and

This heavenly art of using magic herbs was zealously maintained and
passed down through oral transmission until the time writing was
developed. The first lists of medicinal herbs and plants were written on
clay slabs and papyrus rolls. The current pharmacopoeia contains many
medical formulas that come directly from ancient eastern herbalists.

Despite the fact that in those ancient times herbal medicine was
intimately linked to magic, experts on this matter admit that the authors
of those old lists of herbs and plants had a genuine knowledge of primitive
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