How to Make Your Own Costumes: Witch


    1 yard each 72"-wide nylon netting in blue, purple, and black; pink and black
    sewing thread; 1 yard of ¼" black elastic for waist; safety pins; 1 roll of gold-
    foil star garland; white craft glue; witch's hat; 1 square orange felt; black
    leotard; ½ yard pink satin; ½ yard of 3/8"-wide pink satin ribbon; 2 gold
    embroidered appliqué stars; red tights; 1 bottle orange dimensional fabric
    To make:
    1. Make skirt by cutting three 20" × 30" rectangles from each color of
    netting. Fold these 9 sections in half to 20" × 15". Iron flat. Sew each of the 9
    sections together along the short sides, using ½" seams. Alternate colors.

    2. Take finished piece of netting, approximately 15" × 172", and fold over the
    top (folded) edge about 5/8" to make a casing. Press. Stitch casing in place.
    Stretch and cut elastic to comfortably fit your child's waist, then add 2" in
    length. Use safety pins to pull elastic through casing of skirt, gathering the
    netting as you pull. Remove pins and sew elastic ends together to fit. Trim
    netting to appropriate length for your child.

    3. Cut stars from foil garland and glue on netting. Let dry. Wrap remaining
    garland around witch's hat and tack down with thread to keep it in place.
    4. Cut cat shape from orange felt using pattern (below). Glue on front of

    5. To make cape, follow diagram (top, right). Cut from paper or scraps first to
    determine size. Cut pattern from pink satin. Once circle is cut, cut away a
    triangular slice in front to make opening. Hem bottom and front sides. Center
    pink ribbon on neck, leaving ends long on each side. Sew in place. Sew gold
    embroidered stars to front.

    6. Use fabric paint to make abstract designs on tights. Let dry.