How to Make Your Own Costumes- Jester

    Enough bright-colored felt for a tunic (see diagram above); ¼yard contrasting-
    color felt for stripes; 2 squares assorted-color felt for large dots; 1/3 yard
    felt for yoke; fabric glue; 1 ½ yards of ¼"-wide ribbon for ties; bells for yoke
    and hat; needle and thread; knitted winter hat.

    To make:
    1. Make tunic following diagram (above) to fit your child. Cut points on bottom.
    Cut stripes and dots from contrasting-color felts and glue to tunic as in photo
    (left). Cut ribbon into 6 equal pieces. Use 4 pieces to create side ties at the
    waist. Sew in place.

    2. To make collar, decide on width that fits your child. Cut a square of felt
    using this measurement. Fold square in quarters. Cut collar through all
    thicknesses as shown (above). Cut through back of collar to create an opening.
    Sew remaining 2 ribbons on back for ties. Sew bells to the bottom of each
    point on collar and decorate collar with diamond-shaped pieces of felt.

    3. To make hat: Using excess felt, cut 6 triangles to fit around knitted winter
    cap. Tack in place behind the folded rim with a needle and thread. Allow
    triangles to flop over. Sew bells on ends of triangles.

    4. Cut small strips of felt with points to fit around ankles and tack into child's