How to Make Your Own Costumes- Indian Princess

    Two ½-yard lengths of tan burlap; ¼-yard length of red burlap; scissors; 1
    package of 1" Velcro squares; craft glue; 1 package of 1/8" tan suede string;
    pencil; 1 bottle each of red, yellow, teal, and black acrylic craft paint; 4 small
    paintbrushes; red turtleneck; red tights; 1 pair of adult-size black tights;
    screwdriver; 1 bag of peanuts with shells; 1 bag of large wooden beads.

    1. Machine-wash and -dry all pieces of burlap to soften the fabric.

    2. Iron tan burlap and fold.
    in half horizontally.

    3. Follow diagram (below) to make paper pattern for dress. Measure A: from
    center of neck to elbow. Measure B: from top of shoulder to 2" below armpit,
    plus 3" more for fringe. Measure C: from center of stomach to 2" to 3" past
    side of body, plus 3" more for fringe. Measure D: from shoulder to desired
    length. Check for sizing, then cut shape out of tan burlap.

    4. Cut fringe along the bottom and sides of dress. Make the cuts
    approximately 3" deep and ¼" wide.

    5. Cut a slit for neck along fold at top center. Cut dress 6" down back center,
    starting at the neck. This will give you a larger opening for head. Glue a set of
    Velcro squares at top of opening to secure when wearing.

    6. To sew sides of dress: Cut a piece of suede string long enough to go up
    entire side. Knot one end. Use a pencil to poke holes in burlap every 3" up the
    sides, and about ½" in from end of fringe. Weave string through holes and tie
    end to secure.

    7. Cut a 10" square of red burlap. Fringe sides by pulling out several threads
    along cut ends.

    8. Cut a 7" triangle out of tan burlap.

    9. Glue triangle onto red square. Glue red square onto front of dress.

    10. Paint graphic designs across the bottom, front, and both sleeves of dress.

    11. Wear over red turtleneck and tights.

    1. Cut each leg of black tights into three strips, from toe to just below crotch

    2. Braid each leg. Tie the ends with two pieces of burlap to secure.

    3. Slip waist of tights over child's head so braids flow down back.

    4. Cut a strip of red burlap slightly bigger than child's head.

    5. Size it, and glue Velcro on ends to keep in place.

    6. Paint a design on it.

    1. Use screwdriver to make holes in the peanut shells (between nuts).

    2. Cut a piece of suede string slightly longer than the length of the necklace.

    3. String peanuts and beads on suede. Knot the ends to secure.

    1. Cut out two 17" squares of burlap. Place them together.

    2. Cut 2"-deep fringe around three sides of both pieces.

    3. Use a pencil to poke holes through both pieces, ½" in from fringe, every 2"
    along the three fringed sides.

    4. Cut a 5"'piece of string and knot one end. Sew the pieces of burlap together
    by weaving string in and out through holes. Tie the end to secure.

    5. To make a drawstring, poke pencil holes aross top two pieces, about 2"
    apart. Weave a 2" length of string through and tie the ends together. Pull
    drawstring to close top of bag.