How to Make Your Own Costumes- Hunchback

    Adult-size large green sweatshirt; scraps of burlap or fabric; white craft glue;
    black marker; child's own T-shirt or sweatshirt; cotton batting or small pillow;
    rope for belt.

    To make:
    1. Put large sweatshirt on child. Mark appropriate length for arms. Remove
    sweatshirt. Cut excess length off arms, making edges jagged. Cut bottom of
    sweatshirt in same way. Cut scraps of burlap for patches and randomly glue to
    shirt. Use marker to make fake stitches on the patches.

    2. Have child wear his own shirt. Stuff a pillow or batting in the back to create
    a hunched appearance. Put large sweatshirt over shirt. Tie a rope around waist
    and blouse sweatshirt so it hangs over the belt.

    3. Wear sweatshirt with green or dark-colored pants, leggings, or sweats.