How to Make Your Own Costumes- Garden Fairy


    Tape measure; pencil; 1 yard of 1 ½" satin or grosgrain white ribbon; five 26"-
    square chiffon scarves in assorted pastels; scissors; low-temperature glue
    gun; needle and white thread; white leotard and tights; 5 to 6 bags of ribbon
    roses in white and pink (available at craft stores); 3 to 4 garlands of small silk
    roses (available at craft stores); 2 yards each of 1/8" pink, green, purple, and
    blue satin ribbon; 1 roll clear packing tape; 1 roll 19-gauge wire; ½ yard of sheer
    white fabric; straight pins; watering can.

    1. Measure child's waist.

    2. Find the center of the white ribbon. Mark off the waist measurement from
    the center, so that you have extra length at both ends to tie in a sash.

    3. Cut the scarves into 13" squares. Lay each square flat, grab the center, and
    pinch so that the four corners fall into points. Glue pinched ends to the bottom
    inside of the ribbon, between the waist measurements. Space the scarves
    about 1 ½" apart. If you prefer, you can sew the scarves to the ribbon.

    4. Use the glue gun to attach roses to scarves in a random manner.

    5. Use the glue gun to attach roses to sleeves, shoulders, and neck of leotard.
    Add a few roses to tights at ankles.

    6. Make a head wreath using a rose garland. Measure garland around head and
    tie in back. Cut 1/8" satin ribbons in assorted lengths and tie to sides of

    7. Measure and cut another rose garland to wear as a sash across chest.
    Stretch it from behind one shoulder across chest and around waist to back.
    Using a needle and thread, tack garland to leotard in back when child is
    wearing it.

    1. Cut a piece of wire approximately 52" long. Form into the shape of wings as
    shown in diagram (below), twisting in the center. Lay wings flat.

    2. Cut four rectangular pieces of wing fabric a little larger than each wire wing
    shape. Lay a piece of fabric over and under each wire wing, sandwiching the
    wire in between. Secure all around with straight pins.

    3. Sew pieces of fabric together along outer edges of wire. Trim excess

    4. Cover twisted wire ends with tape so that they are not sharp.

    5. When child is dressed, use a large piece of clear tape to attach center of
    wings to leotard.

    1. Wrap garland around can, twisting ends around handle and nozzle to secure.