How to Make Your Own Costumes- Dinosaur


    1 bottle green acrylic craft paint; large bowl or bucket; white onesie; white
    aviator-style cap; 2 squares purple felt; scissors; fabric glue or low-
    temperature glue gun; 2 squares orange felt.

    TO MAKE:
    1. Combine ½ bottle of the green paint with 1 gallon of water in a large bowl.
    Mix thoroughly.

    2. Place garments in bowl and soak for 15 minutes or until they reach desired
    color. Add more water or paint if necessary.

    3. Squeeze water from garments. Hang to dry. Pigment will drip and create
    random patterns.

    4. When they are almost completely dry, place garments in dryer to soften.

    5. Cut assorted-size spots from purple felt. Glue to arms, legs, and body.

    6. Enlarge patterns for spikes (below) and cut two spikes each for back and
    cap from orange felt.

    7. Lay both pieces from each pair together, so edges line up. Glue the pieces
    together, leaving ½" unglued at bottom edges (see diagram at right). Let dry.

    8. Attach spikes to onesie by spreading the unglued edges of the spikes flat
    and gluing down the center of the back, starting at the neck. Stop at lower
    back so tail hangs free.

    9. Glue spikes to center back of cap in a similar manner.