How to Make Your Own Costumes- Dancing Gypsy


    3 yards of purple satin-finish fabric; ¼" elastic for waist-band; safety pins;
    colorful chiffon scarf; 1 yard light-weight red fabric; 3 ½ yards of fringe trim;
    white leotard; 1-yard-plus of ¼"-wide purple ribbon; purple thread and a needle;
    gold-glitter pipe cleaners.

    To make:
    1. To make skirt: Measure distance from your child's waist to just above
    ankle. Add 3 inches to measurement. Cut the entire 3-yard length of fabric to
    this depth for the skirt. On the back side of the fabric, make a casing for the
    elastic: Iron top edge of fabric under ¼", fold another ¾", then iron again.
    Hand- or machine-stitch along bottom edge of casing for waistband. Cut a
    stretched length of elastic to comfortably fit child's waist. Add 2 inches. Use
    a safety pin to pull elastic through casing. Sew ends of elastic together and
    gather skirt. Hem bottom 2 inches. Wrap a colorful chiffon scarf over waist of
    skirt to create a belt. Tie in back.

    2. To make overskirt: Cut red fabric into a 30" square. Hem edges. Stitch the
    fringe trim along the edge of the fabric. Fold square into a triangle and tie
    over hips.

    3. Lay leotard on a flat surface. Pin purple ribbon to bodice in a crisscross
    fashion, leaving ends to tie in a bow. Tack in place with thread.

    4. Make an armful of bracelets and chain necklaces from gold-colored pipe