How to Make Your Own Costumes- Cowgirl

    Sweatshirt; tracing paper; bandanna; ½ yard Pellon Wonder-Under transfer
    web (at fabric stores); straight pins; suede fringe (4" fringe works well with
    beads); fabric glue; assored beads (make sure holes are large enough for

    To make:
    1. Lay sweatshirt on a flat surface. Place tracing paper over shirt and draw a
    pattern for the yoke and cuffs.

    2. Adhere Wonder-Under to the bandanna following package instructions. Pin
    tracing patterns to bandanna and cut out yoke and cuffs. Iron pieces onto the

    3. Attach suede fringe to the bottom edge of bandanna yoke and cuffs using
    fabric glue. Let dry.

    4. Cut ends of fringe to a point and string beads. Knot at bottom to secure

    5. Wear sweatshirt with jeans or a jeans skirt, and a cowgirl hat.