How to Make Your Own Costumes- Cow


    White fabric aviator-style hat; white long-sleeved shirt; white leggings; white
    socks; paper; 1 bottle black fabric paint; paintbrush; scissors; 1 square white
    felt; 1 square pink felt; low-temperature glue gun or white craft glue; 1'-long
    rope; 1 yard ½" black polka-dot ribbon; small metal pail (available at hardware
    stores); black permanent marker.

    1. Machine-wash and -dry all garments.

    2. Lay clothes on flat surface. Put several sheets of paper inside garments to
    keep paint from soaking through.

    3. Paint randomly sized and spaced black spots on one side of garment. Let dry.
    Turn over and paint other side. Let dry.

    4. Enlarge ear pattern (below) onto paper. Use pattern to cut two outer ears
    from the white felt and two inner ears from the pink felt.

    5. Glue pink pieces to white ears as shown. Let dry.

    6. Clip the outer edges with scissors.

    7. With front of ear facing you, fold tabs of ears in half and glue. Let dry.

    8. With ears facing out, fold tabs down and glue to the cap.

    9. To make tail: Cut rope to desired length. Fringe the end about 2 inches. Tie
    with ribbon. Glue rope to waistband of leggings.

    10. Tie ribbon into a bow and glue to shirt at neck.

    1. Outline random cow spots on pail with marker.
    2. Fill in.