How to Make Your Own Costumes- Astronaut


    Box, approximately 12" × 17" × 5" (a Federal Express box works well); 2 round
    food containers, such as oatmeal canisters or potatochip cans; white contact
    paper; 1 yard of 1"-wide elastic; white plastic utensil tray; craft knife; low-
    temperature glue gun; paper fasteners; ¼" and ½" plastic tubing (from a
    hardward store); carburetor hose (from auto-supply store); assorted odds and
    ends such as jar tops, plastic food covers, detergent bottle tops, mirrors,
    thermometers, rubber tops, straws; assorted number, letter, and American-
    flag stickers; round white flexible plastic wastebasket (approximately 10"
    high); 1 yard of ½"-thick upholstery foam; masking tape; oversize white
    sweatshirt and pants; 1 small fabric flag.

    To make:
    1. Cover box and round containers with white contact paper.

    2. Measure 2 strips of elastic to fit over child's shoulder to hold utensil tray
    in front and large box in back. Add 3" to measurement. To attach elastic to
    pieces, make two horizontal slits, 1" wide and 5" down from the top of the box
    on the side that will be against the back. Make two 1"-wide slits on the top
    edge of the utensil tray. Put the elastic through these slits to hold the front
    and back together. Make sure the slits on the box and tray are the same
    distance apart so the straps sit evenly on the shoulders. Use low-temperature
    glue gun to secure elastic. Cut elastic straps for the sides, and in the same
    manner, make slits on the sides of the box and the utensil tray to hold pieces
    at waistline. Pull elastic through side slits and glue.

    3. Decorate panels by gluing assorted objects to front and back panels. Attach
    round containers to back for oxygen tanks. Cut slits in the utensil tray and
    push the plastic tubes through to hold. Cut holes on the side and insert the
    hose. Add straws for antennae.

    4. Make helmet by cutting a large hole in the front of the wastebasket for
    face. Trim bottom edge of basket so it fits over shoulders. Cut holes in sides
    and front to insert "breathing tubes." Attach American-flag stickers for

    5. Cut foam to wrap once around child's arms and legs. Use masking tape to
    secure. Don't make it too tight. Slip sweatshirt and pants over foam. Sew flag
    on arm of oversize sweatshirt.