How to Make Your Own Costumes- Shining Knight


    1 roll of 16"-wide bubble wrap (small bubbles); silver spray paint; 1 yard wide
    white ribbon; needle and thread; newspaper; package of 3 disposable aluminum
    baking sheets, approximately 18" × 16"; tape; 6 brad fasteners; assorted
    acrylic paints; 5-quart paper paint bucket; package of 2 disposable aluminum
    broiler pans, about 7" × 9"; ¼" white elastic; 1 round disposable aluminum hors
    d'oeuvres tray.

    To make:
    1. For the tunic: Measure child from shoulder to determine desired length.
    Double measurement and cut bubble wrap. Fold piece in half. Along the fold in
    the center, cut an opening for the neck. Cut a 5" vertical line from the neck
    down the center of the back so the tunic will slip over child's head easily. Spray
    bubble wrap with silver paint. Let dry.
    Cut ribbon into 4 equal lengths. Use a needle and thread to sew ribbon ties to
    each side of tunic at the waist.

    2. For collar: Fold sheet of newspaper in quarters (see witch's cape pattern,
    page 198). Draw a semicircle beginning about 9" from top corner. Cut
    approximately a 3" half circle out of folded corner. Open paper and cut pattern
    in half so you have two pieces. Adjust pieces on your child to fit. The two collar
    pieces should overlap at least 1" at each shoulder. Tape patterns on baking
    sheets and cut out with scissors. Cut vertical slits through each piece and
    fasten them together at overlap using brads. Paint a coat of arms on the front
    of the collar.

    3. To make face shield: Spray paper bucket silver. Cut away front of bucket to
    expose child's face. Use pattern (shown on page 195) to cut shield shape from
    newspaper. Adjust to fit your child's face. Tape pattern to baking sheet and
    cut out with scissors. Position shield on bucket so that it will sit an inch or more
    away from child's face. Attach shield to bucket using brads.

    4. For shin guards: Fold broiler pans in half vertically. Trim bottom of pans to
    shorten to shin length if necessary. (Make sure your child is comfortable
    walking.) Poke holes in sides of pans and attach elastic. Slip pans over calves and
    adjust elastic to hold shin guards in place.

    5. For shield: Paint round tray with acrylics. When dry, attach elastic to back
    for a handle.