How to Make Your Own Costumes

    Costumes are is associated with the fall season and the Halloween holiday—but
    you may want to make a costume just for fun. Children love to dress up all year
    round. We sell costumes and understand that in these difficult economic times
    you may want to make the costume for your children rather than buy it.

    We can help you do either. We show you the step-by-step methods to help you  
    construct costumes suitable for both a traditional holidays and everyday fun.
    Here is the first costume. Click on a link above for more. Click on the tab at
    the left that says "Costumes" to buy a ready made costume.


    1 white long underwear garment; white aviator-style cap; one bottle each
    acrylic craft paint in medium blue, lavender, and turquoise; one skein yarn each
    in medium blue, lavender, and turquoise; 1 darning needle; star stencil; gold-
    glitter fabric paint; small stencil brush; gold-glitter dimensional fabric-writer
    paint (optional); bread knife; extra large (car wash) sponge in blue or green;
    needle and thread.

    To make:
    1. Use 3 mixing bowls or disposable containers to mix paints. In each bowl mix
    ¼ bottle of paint with 3 cups of water. Add water slowly, stirring to dissolve
    lumps. Dye garment in 3 sections. Dip one end of garment in first color. Let it
    steep for about 5 minutes, or until desired color is achieved. Wring out excess
    water. Then repeat process with the other end of the garment, using a second
    color. Finally, dye the middle section of the garment with the third color.
    Wring out carefully and allow to dry. Colors will bleed together slightly. Repeat
    dyeing process with cap using only two colors.

    2. When costume is dry, make mane and tail. Cut 30' lengths of yarn in all 3
    colors. Thread yarn onto darning needle and knot one end. Sew pieces of yarn
    through cap, creating rows down the top and back for a mane. Push needle up
    through cap and return down again next to where needle came out, leaving a 5"
    long loop. Tie a knot next to the base on the outside. Continue making varied-
    color loops and knots until you have enough yarn for a thick mane. Cut ends of
    loops to make individual strands.

    3. To make tail, use same technique as for mane, making the loops about 9"

    4. Use a star stencil and gold paint to stencil stars all over garments. After
    paint is dry, outline stars with dimensional fabric-writer paint. Let all paint
    dry thoroughly.

    5. To make horn, cut a long triangular shape out of the sponge using a bread
    knife. Cut it larger than you expect the finished size to be. Trim it into a cone
    shape using the knife and scissors. Sew the base of the sponge horn onto the
    front of the cap.